Nemzedékeken Át Alapítvány

Shelter of Virgin Mary

Shelter, rehabilitation and integration centre – with accommodation or commuting according to needs and possibilities.

Our secured shelters are being established in several parts of the country.

Our most important goal is the mental and physical safety, immediate and long-term strengthening and support of the abused (women and their children).

We carry out research and surveys in various institutions (general practitioners, nurses, kindergarten teachers, educators, family helpers, people working in social and guardianship departments, etc.). In these places we hold informative lectures about the shelter and our activities.

Use these agencies to contact those who are abused and in a life-threatening situation.

Victims are “rescued” from the abusive environment, organized and carried out with a police escort.

A safe, camera-protected, stone-walled, enclosed yard, house, shelter (temporary, short-term or long-term accommodation), together with the provision of living conditions.

In the shelters, professionals from different fields deal with the ones in need and their children, and carry out their rehabilitation and integration with permanent police, civilian or voluntary protection.

All applicants must participate in a variety of individual and group coaching, workshops, trainings and programs, and other sessions that help them recover and later integrate into society.

In addition, we take care of them in terms of food, clothing, kindergarten, school placement, and later we help with housing, job search or starting a business.

Post treatment care.