Nemzedékeken Át Alapítvány

Our goals

Preparing and training individuals and groups – especially young people (on a mental, psychological and physical level) –  for a healthy family life.
Supporting and training women especially with regard to consciousness in everyday roles, physical, mental and spiritual health.
Safe placement, multi-layered rehabilitation and subsequent integration of mentally and sexually abused women and their children.

  • Helping to raise life-conscious children.
  • Educating consciousness.
  • Helping in the process of unfolding talents.
  • Support of educators, schools and parents.
  • Supporting school leaderships in changes.
  • Surrogate mother – Surrogate father Program (mental on-line assistance for children, adolescents, young adults, even SOS).
  • Helping you find and preserve your own values.
  • Helping families and small communities in subcultures, strengthening and supporting cooperation.
  • Bringing believers and atheists closer together.
  • We teach the children to take responsibility for a process as a whole.
  • We help define levels – both for the individual and for different types of communities. 
  • To make children and adults aware that no one is alone, and nobody should be. There is help. Because there is community.
  • Filling gaps with incentive programs.
  • Implementing much-needed trainings.