Nemzedékeken Át Alapítvány


Meditative Fetal Massage

A complex program for expectant mothers and fathers.

It allows us to connect with our baby in a very deep soul and love connection. It affects the body, soul and spirit in both the mother and the baby.

  • It helps create, develop, maintain and live through the sense of unity and the deep attachment that may not develop properly before the birth of your baby.
  • It can help reduce the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. If the baby and the expectant mother are calm and balanced, the baby will come into this world when it is the best for her/him.
  • It also helps the baby to find the right position before birth.
  • There are Mothers who are unsure whether they want to give birth to a newcomer living in their tummy. It is imperative for them to try out the method to help with this very difficult and burdensome decision.
  • This program is the only way for Fathers to experience the months of pregnancy, get in touch and get to know the fetus.
  • It strengthens the relationship between the parents. The Father and the Mother can practice the exercises together as well. Relaxing and meditating in a “threesome” like this is a cathartic experience.
  • During the application of the method, a common memory is formed in both the fetus and the mother. This means that if any difficulty occurs later in the toddler’s life, her/his subconscious can remember and recall this kind of coexistence from memory and calm her/him down. Therefore, the effect of the program goes way beyond childhood, since in addition to e.g., it reduces the tendency to depression, it can also contribute greatly to the development of relationships and self-confidence in the future.
  • Coordinates the daily rhythm of the baby and the mother and helps them to rest calmly both during the pregnancy and after.
  • The baby becomes aware that good feelings can come from outside as-well. This greatly helps in the formation of self-consciousness later in life.
  • It has a positive effect on the respiratory system, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, immune system, sensory organs, brain structures, sensorimotor development, development of intelligence. By stimulating the central nervous system, we subserve the accurate execution of movement and eye-hand coordination, and contribute to the development of a sense of rhythm. It increases tolerance.
  • It reduces the selection of adrenaline, helps the body achieve a relaxed, calm state.
  • It hormonally helps to secrete hormones called somatostin (which is responsible for growth), helps build bones, develops movement, and mobilises fatty acids.
  • It helps to deepen communication with and without words.
  • Helps you prepare for childbirth and for the new life after it.
  • It can prevent or reduce the formation of pregnancy stripes.
  • It improves the correct posture of the expectant mother, which reduces the risk of lower back and back pain that may develop during pregnancy.
  • It increases the baby’s life energy, vibration, helps him to achieve and maintain a peaceful, balanced state, which also affects his later years.