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Institute of Women's Training

Institute of Women's Training

For marriages, for families and for our children, thus for the future

Our mission is to help, support and train women in every possible way – especially regarding consciousness in everyday roles, physical, mental and spiritual health. To make our children proud of us and to set a good example for them to carry on.

  • Training young women who are about to start a relationship, marriage or a family
  • Training young women facing career choices
  • Mother training for pregnant women and for women with children
  • Training couples, people who live alone, widows, people who divorced, singles and women who can not have children
  • Training the blind, disabled, disadvantaged and their families too
  • Wife training, etc.
  • General informations for Women
  • Self-confidence training
  • Self-knowledge program
  • Differences between women and men
  • About motherhood
  • The two sides of a relationship
  • Cleanliness, dignity and attitude
  • About our sexuality and intimacy
  • About perineum muscle training
  • About the health and support of our physical bodies
  • About our inner child
  • The amazon living inside us – who / what is she really?
  • About the balance between work and life
  • Woman as a leader
  • Woman as an employee
  • Woman as an entrepreneur
  • About saving money
  • About holidays and decorations
  • Happiness training

Systemic Role Constellation as a woman

This is a special Systemic Role Constellation that only shows your feminine side (projects it in space). It shows the maturity of your roles and the reason behind it. It helps you to decide if it worth to change and how (or how not) to do it. It shows your inner barriers both external and internal, but it only shows as much as your soul can handle. You can also see what are possible solutions and paths are available and what is best for you. If you pick up a role , you can get answers concerning all the roles in question. If you choose not to, you will still move forward.

Women training

It is a complex, versatile and content rich training that covers all our parts, bodies, souls, spirits and roles. Not Systematic Role Constellation, but theoretical and practical information delivery, tasks and deeds, analyses, explanations, shares, lessons, conclusions, guided conversations about communication, conflict management, and all the important everyday tools we can use on a daily basis. We meditate, practice breathing, watch videos, do intimate training and “intimate-talk,” in a loving community, together – for each other.


Meditative Fetal Massage

It allows us to connect with our baby in a very deep soul and love connection. It affects the body, soul and spirit in both the mother and the baby.

You can read more about it here.

Consultations, processing special difficulties individually

If your partner is narcissistic,
If you are a mistress and would like it to change,
If you are in a role disorder,
If the baby doesn’t want to arrive,
If you would like to change your body,
If you would like to change your health,
If you have intimate problems,
If you can’t find your partner,
If you like to take tests,
And if you have any other questions.

Some questions we are discussing:

Did you know that your son will choose a partner who is just like you (as a woman)? Would you be happy with a daughter-in-law who is just like yourself?

Did you know that your daughter will be just like how she perceives you as a mother and partner?

Did you know that our children can be thanked to their father and not in reverse order?

Did you know that there is no greater thing for the mentally healthy development of our children then the mutual respect of the father and the mother even if the love is not there anymore?

And most importantly, don’t you ever forget about yourself. Be happy because you too can only give from what you have inside.

But what does that really mean?

What love really is?

And when we say Love yourself! what does it actually mean?