Nemzedékeken Át Alapítvány

Our Foundation for Generations – with its diverse training and programs – would like to reach thousands of young people, families and women.

With your donation you contribute to the success of our programs in fighting for families and raising awareness of the importance of self-knowledge relationships and conscious living.
Thank you for your help! We can do more together!

Bank transfer:

CIB 10700103-72396393-51100005
Tax-number: 19293082-1-41


About our fundraising

We are a transparent, clean and ethical fundraising organisation. Although we can only apply for this official title after a closed year, we will do our best to receive this recognition in the meantime.

Whether you can support our operation with a larger amount or a few thousand forints, we will be grateful and we will always make it visible when and what we spend it on.

We also thank the companies that have already offered their help, either in the form of toiletries and cleaners, or in the form of toys (both will go to the shelter).

We also expect support from individuals and organisations. It takes two years the become a public benefit, so unfortunately, we cannot accept the 1% yet, but if you donate any amount as a company, you can reduce your tax with our certificate.

We need financial support for all three projects.

Although the trainings of the Academy of Education for a Conscious Life and the Institute of Women’s Education have a flat cost, we would like to advertise them at an affordable price. We also would like to offer our trainings to those who do not have a budget for it through tenders – be it a school community or an individual.

Starting a shelter requires a bigger amount, we want to apply for a tender for it, what we can do next year as well.

For the time being, each of our members has put and puts their own money, time and energy – out of vocation and mission – into the work together.

Thank you for helping! We can do more together!