Nemzedékeken Át Alapítvány

ECL Academy

The Academny of Education for a Conscious Life

Training program

  • For parents
  • Pregnancy training for couples
  • For public services/offices
  • For leaders
  • For teachers and educators
  • Service providers
  • Companies
  • Women
  • Younger teens
  • Older teens
  • For young adults
  • “Help me, I grew up!” I. Preparing young adults for relationships and family life.
  • “Help me, I grew up!” II. Preparing young adults for their role in a workplace.
  • Pregnancy training
  • Sigles
  • Anyone who is alone
  • Disadvantaged
  • Trainers
  • Other: art therapy
  • Lectures, conferences
  • Workshop
  • Helping clubs for adults
  • Helping clubs for children
  • Self-knowledge program for adults
  • Self-knowledge program for children
  • Relationship training
  • E-learning (the full training material will be available in the form of video and E-learning)
  • Counselling and development for young people and adults
  • We fill gaps, encourage, inspire – with diverse programs based on rich experience.
  • We run much-needed trainings, clubs and workshops.
  • We identify unspoken problems and help you find specific solutions.
  • Smaller trainings are usually one-day, larger trainings are usually two-day.
  • Some training programs (different but overlapping modules) can be long weekends or several days.
  • Workshops last 4 hours.
  • Conferences are all day, on several topics, with several speakers.
  • One evening lectures are 2 hours (lecture + talk).
  • Personal counselling is usually an hour and a half.
  • Online listening materials: variable