Nemzedékeken Át Alapítvány

About us

Why are we?

Our mission and vision is to help and serve no matter who or how old they are. We believe in children, communities, learning, development, solutions and the future.

In every moment we try to exist purely and put our best knowledge in the service of Love.

Bálint Éva - chairman of the board of trustees

My mission is to make people’s circumstances, relationships and families happier, and I believe that life can be made more livable and the future generation -along with the environment – even more Human. I believe in learning, knowledge, development as well as laughter and movement. My life is ordering, organizing, I have a strong desire to find solutions, to create value and fulfill my mission. I have always been strongly committed to high-level social activities, from Brother Csaba Böjte to Lakitelki Folk High School.

Stumpf Zsuzsanna - the founder of the Foundation for Generations

My helping profession, my mission, my love of God, Man, and Life — leads, sometimes drives, but it certainly shows the Way I have been heading for decades. And with my four children, we accompany and support each other’s path. I am happy and grateful to live and that I try to exist in every moment so that whenever it ends, I can bow my head before God.  I try to be ready to serve every morning and do what God calls me to do. With the Foundation, thus, by connecting the three Institutes, my dream came to beyond my imagination. And for all of this I received wonderful help and colleagues. May God’s blessing guide us.Isten áldása vezesse léptünket.

Tóth Nikolett - member of the board of trustees

I am Nikolett Tóth. I spent 10 years in sales at international companies, of which 5 years I was in England. Since 2018, I have been working with individual clients as a coach and as a trainer. I hold trainings for adults and youth groups. Sport has been a part of my life since I was 11 years old, and I have been doing  spinning  and own weight training classes for 1.5 years.

My goal is to support people on a physical, mental and spiritual level through the experience I have gained. Being a part of the Foundation, I would like to support people  in need. As a trainer, I can offer my self-knowledge and stress management trainings and as a coach, I can help to foster a sporty and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ildikó Dömötör - member of the board of trustees

I like to talk, I like to teach. I have been teaching international, intercultural and equality communication for years. I obtained a certificate as a trainer, instructor and mentor at the Institute of Management and Continuing Education of the National University of Public Service. I worked as an editor-presenter in the Pécs Regional Studio of the Hungarian Radio and in the Pécs City Television and later as a communication reference at the EMMI. With all my experience and human love, I want to help everyone I can as a part of the Foundation.

Jászay Mariann - member of the board of trustees

I see many people have life management problems or are stuck with female roles in everyday life, so at the Foundation for Generations the theme of conscious life education, preparation for family life, and femininity is my heart’s desire.

As an economist, I participate in business-related projects and I teach economics (primarily marketing) at Corvinus University of Budapest and IBS. As a spiritual helper, I help children deal with learning difficulties as well as integration problems. In addition, I help adults with everyday stress management, ladies with balancing female roles.

Zirig Emese - member of the board of trustees

My name is Emese Zirig, wife, mother of 5 children, speech therapist, special education teacher, drama teacher and Pilates instructor since 2016. My life element is water (the river, the sea). I was born in Dunaszerdahely, Csallóköz, and I finally found a home in the Danube Bend.
Thanks to my homeland, the respect of our ancestors and the retaining power of the Hungarians flows through my veins. My parents loved me unconditionally and they constantly encouraged me to discover and cultivate the world and  the world of art .
I try to support my children and strengthen my students to fulfill themselves. My husband and I are a creative couple. We created and operate our treehouse together in Verőce, where we are waiting for our guests.
What comes around goes around but memory stands still.

Dr. Molnár Ákos - member of the board of trustees

I attend, I work in different helping roles in my job. My task is to reveal the special ability and talent of people who turn to me for help. This miracle happens when we find our true selves and follow the path we feel as our own. If we are able to love Ourselves and accept our lives, it becomes possible to open up to a Creator Consciousness. It is my job to help this process in which together we find the sounds that make our hearts sing.