Nemzedékeken Át Alapítvány

“Work is love made visible.”

Kahlil Gibran: The prophet

What is our work, our love really about?

Our mission

From foundations to conscious life and conscious service

We are all committed, we are ready to serve. To do something good. To create value, to build the future. To be useful and, to the best of our ability, to guide others on this path, especially children. To set an example, not to leave a mark, but to follow many paths of goodness, truth, beauty, and respect. With love: the president and members.

Our institutions

All three have three activities. The common denominator is assistance in making external and internal relations more balanced, peaceful and loving.

Being the relationship is the bedrock of everything. The relationship with God, ourselves, our fellow human beings and the world. We believe and know that peace can just as easily expand as conflicts – and this is why we put our knowledge, experience and intention into all of our work – for a joyful future.

Our goals

Preparing and training individuals and groups – especially young people (on a mental, psychological and physical level) – for a healthy family life.

Supporting and training women especially with regard to consciousness in everyday roles, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Safe placement, multi-layered rehabilitation and subsequent integration of mentally and sexually abused women and their children.

Our activities

Although our three main activities have a common piece, all three are very unique.

Each one is filled with extremely complex, diverse and coherently built up trainings and activities. Unfortunately, we can’t make the whole program and structure public, but we hope it still shows how much we thought about everything, how serious we are, and how much we try to pay attention – in collaboration with many of you.

About us

Our mission and vision is to help and serve no matter who or how old they are. We believe in children, communities, learning, development, solutions and the future.

In every moment we try to exist purely and put our best knowledge in the service of Love.